Programming, Outreach, and Advocacy

Title Presenters Format
Academic Libraries Spearheading Diversity and Cultural Initiatives on University Campuses
  • Susan M. Banoun
  • Don Jason
  • Thura Mack
  • Kenya Flash
  • Essraa Nawar
  • Raymond Pun
  • Tiewei (Lucy) Liu
  • Hiromi Kubo
  • Arturo Mendoza
Lightning Round
Community Outreach and Collaboration in Academic Libraries
  • Lae’l Hughes-Watkins
  • Nancy Liliana Godoy-Powell
  • Rachel Leket-Mor
  • Joyce Martin
  • Qian Liu
Cultural Aspects and Perspectives in Health Sciences Library Services
  • Patricia Bradley
  • Annabelle V Nuñez
  • Monica Rogers
  • Patricia Montiel-Overall
  • Verónica Reyes-Escudero
Cultural Diversity through Music: The World Music Center at UCLA
  • Maureen Russell
  • Aaron Bittel
  • Helen Rees
Individual Presentations
Discovering and Accommodating the Needs of Target Communities in Academic Libraries
  • Raymundo Andrade
  • Jamie Hazlitt
  • Sally Romero
  • Yayo Umetsubo
  • Sabrina Wong
Panel/ Lightning Round
Educating the Educators: Proactive Approaches to the Inclusive Classroom
  • Shannon Simpson
  • Macie Hall
  • Paula M Smith
  • Dolores Rafter-Arevalo
From “My Block” to “Born on the Rez”: A Linguistic Analysis of lyrics by 2Pac, Frank Waln, Litefoot, Nataanii Means, and Night Shield
  • Teresa Y. Neely, Ph.D.
  • Sarah Kostelecky (Zuni Pueblo), MLS
  • Monica Etsitty Dorame (Navajo Nation), MPA
  • Jorge Ricardo López-McKnight, MLS
Going Native and Bridging Borders: Culturally-Based Literacy and Cultural Programs Serving Native Americans and Latino/as
  • Edwin Schenk (Lakota/Ojibwa)
  • Thomas Keeler
  • María Sánchez-Tucker
Improving Access to Services and Information for People with Disabilities in Libraries and in Archives
  • Nina Davis-Millis
  • Noah Geraci
  • Rachel Keiko Stark
Information Literacy Through Personal Narrative: Women’s Studies and the Human Library
  • Kara Blizzard
  • Nancy Goebel
  • Yvonne Becker
Individual Presentations
‘Let Us Work Together’: Academic Libraries and Social Justice on Campus
  • Sara Arnold-Garza
  • Dave Ellenwood
  • Tami Garrard
  • Cindy Ingold
  • Sofia Leung
  • Megan Watson
Making Space for Diversity: Inclusiveness in Library Makerspaces
  • James Cheng
  • Lauren Di Monte
  • Sharona Ginsberg
  • Emily Mitchell
  • Madison Sullivan
Making the Invisible Visible: Diversity, Dialogue and Multicultural Awareness Through Digital Projects
  • Yemisi Dina
  • Norda Majekodunmi
  • Erin White
  • Alice Campbell
Manejando Su Exito: Bringing Driver’s Education to Undocumented Residents
  • Beatriz Preciado
  • Matthew Patsel
Individual Presentations
Memories of Migration
  • Jessica Bell
  • Cheryl A. Eberly
  • Dulce Saavedra
Out of Context: Library Outreach Through Instructional Art Installations
  • Melanie Chu
Individual Presentations
Promoting Academic Success Among Student Veterans through Libraries
  • Win Shih
  • Eduardo Tinoco
  • Michael Habata
  • Lisa Valdez
Public Library Use and Information Needs of Homeless in Oklahoma
  • Nicole Umayam
  • Allison Campbell
Individual Presentations
Scholarly Communication as a Tool for Social Justice and Diversity
  • Charlotte Roh
  • Emily Drabinski
  • Harrison Inefuku
Services and Studies to Support First-Generation College Students
  • Stacy Brinkman
  • Josefine Smith
  • Jennifer Natale*
  • Christina J. Woo
  • Ernesto Hernandez Jr.
Strategies for Creating Diverse Programming and Spaces in Research Libraries
  • Marian Fragola
  • Lauren Di Monte
  • Josephine McRobbie
The Library as a Connector: Creating Collaborative Outreach Opportunities for Diverse Student Populations
  • Amanda Melilli
  • Rosan Mitola
  • Robin L. Gustafson
  • Roberto C. Delgadillo
  • Cirilo Cortez
  • Michelle Roppeau, Ph.D.
Visualizing #blacklivesmatter: Exploring Critical Visual Literacy through Instagram
  • Stacy R. Williams
Individual Presentations
We Need Diverse Books Everywhere: Addressing Diversity Across Multiple Spaces
  • Sarah Park Dahlen
  • Robin F. Kurz
  • Lessa K. Pelayo-Lozada
  • Candice Mack
Wikipedia: A Bridge from Basic Markup to the Research Cycle
  • Lia Friedman
  • Gayatri Singh
  • Cynthia Mari Orozco
  • Annie Pho