Challenging Topics

Title Presenters Format
Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Contesting Oppression and Building Cultural Competence and Empathy in LIS Spaces
  • Dr. Nicole A. Cooke
  • Dr. Robin F. Kurz
Caught in the Crossfire: A Conversation on Libraries and Communities in Distress
  • Amelia Gibson
  • Renate Chancellor
  • Nicole Cooke
  • Sarah Dahlen
  • Shari Lee
  • Yasmeen Shorish
Town Hall (Special Session)
‘Let Us Work Together’: Academic Libraries and Social Justice on Campus
  • Sara Arnold-Garza
  • Dave Ellenwood
  • Tami Garrard
  • Cindy Ingold
  • Sofia Leung
  • Megan Watson
Library Diversification and Transgender Bodies: A Metaspatial Approach
  • Mary Catherine Lockmiller
Individual Presentations
Macro Impact of Microaggression: Exploring Microaggressions in Librarianship
  • Ray Lockman
  • Cynthia Mari Orozco
  • Ebony Magnus
  • Simone Fujita
Maybe We’re the Problem: Bias, Blindspots, and the Politics of Experience
  • Steve Whitley
  • Chloe Gurin-Sands
Say My Name: Transgender Acceptance Across Campus
  • Amy Kautzman
  • Beth Lesen
Individual Presentations
Where is the Restroom? Creating Inclusive Spaces for Transgender Individuals
  • Katie Bertel
Individual Presentations