Collections and Access

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Are We Doing Enough?: Four Stories of Diversity in Library Collections
  • Eugenia Beh
  • Jade Alburo
  • Paolo Gujilde
  • Rachel Keiko Stark
Bridges to Inclusion: Database Accessibility with a Screen Reader
  • Sue Phelps
  • Nicole Campbell
Individual Presentations
Conducting the Electronic Accessibility Audit: How One Academic Library Identified Barriers for Patrons with Disabilities
  • Rebecca Marrall
  • Nora Burmeister*
Individual Presentations
Faster Access or Perfect Metadata? The Balance in Indexing and Cataloging Oral Histories
  • Summer Espinoza
  • Linh Gavin Do
  • Erin Sato
Individual Presentations
Inclusion Through Collection Building: A Study of Foreign Language Collections Usage by International Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Andrea Malone
Individual Presentations
Latino Digital Archives Group
  • Lillian Castillo-Speed
  • Norma Corral
  • Kathryn Blackmer Reyes
  • Richard Chabran
Making the Invisible Visible: Diversity, Dialogue and Multicultural Awareness Through Digital Projects
  • Yemisi Dina
  • Norda Majekodunmi
  • Erin White
  • Alice Campbell
Missing in the Archives: Uncovering Underrepresented Voices
  • Eleanor Brown
  • Virginia Ferris
  • Julia Huddleston
  • Twanna Hodge
Representing the Un/der-represented: Using Data Visualization to Explore Diversity and Inclusion for Academic Library Collections
  • Bobby L. Smiley
Individual Presentations
Seeing Yourself in the Library and Creating Communities with Special Collections: Outreach and Inclusion with Latino, Latin American, and African American Programming and Instruction
  • Cristine Paschild
  • Barbara Robinson
  • Felix Gutierrez
  • Liana Stepanyan
  • Tyson Gaskill
  • Anne-Marie Maxwell
Telling Different Stories: Evaluating the Impact of Archives on Communities
  • Michelle Caswell
  • Ricky Punzalan
  • Jamie A. Lee
The Structure of Accessible Content: Building a Bridge to Understanding
  • Kelli Ham
  • Patrick Burke
Individual Presentation
#subjective subject headings
  • Sara Howard
Individual Presentations