Personnel, Management, and Organization

Title Presenters Format
ACRL Diversity Standards Revisited: Intersectional Approach to Cultural Competency
  • Kenny Garcia
  • Tarida Anantachai
  • Martha A. Parker
  • Megan Watson
ARL Diversity Fellows Around the Fireplace: The Stats, Lived Experiences, and Lessons Learned
  • Joanna Chen Cham
  • Genevia Chamblee-Smith
  • Mario Macias
  • Christian Minter
  • Hanni Nabahe
  • Chimene Tucker
Being the Bridge: Exploring the Roles, Challenges, and Future Directions of Diversity Committees in Libraries
  • Don P. Jason III
  • Rose L. Chou
  • Jennifer Garrett
  • Angela E. Weaver
  • Ann Marie Willer
  • Meshia Anderson
Beyond the Word: Exploring Diversity in Academic Library Residencies
  • Quetzalli Barrientos
  • Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros
  • Twanna Hodge
  • Alyse Minter
  • Anthony Wright de Hernandez
  • Charlotte King Mills
  • Mark Puente
Creating a Sustainable Plan for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cat Phan
  • Erin Carrillo
Cultural Aspects and Perspectives in Health Sciences Library Services
  • Patricia Bradley
  • Annabelle V Nuñez
  • Monica Rogers
  • Patricia Montiel-Overall
  • Verónica Reyes-Escudero
Discerning Our Diverse Selves: Practitioner Inquiry for Library Praxis
  • Vanessa Irvin
Individual Presentations
Diversity Immersion Institute: Teaching Library Students About Diverse Populations
  • Tahirah Akbar-Williams
  • Cynthia Sorrell*
Diversity Inquiry – Bridging the Divide Between Diversity Survey Results and Actionable Understanding
  • Cristela Garcia-Spitz
  • Heather Hayashi*
  • Cindy Ingold
  • Brian W. Keith
  • Jennifer E. Knievel
  • Michael M. Rawls
  • Leslie J. Reynolds*
Diversity Standards in Action: How Do We Practice & Value Cultural Competencies?
  • Mario Macías
  • Melissa Cardenas-Dow
  • Jessica Davila Greene
  • Susan C. Luévano
  • Jayati Chaudhuri
Diversity and Anti-Oppression Training: From Awareness to Action
  • Lori Mestre
  • Kristyn Caragher
Grow Your Community: An Exploration of Peer Mentoring for People of Color
  • Annie Pho
  • Ariana Santiago
  • Eva Rios-Alvarado
  • Mara Cabrera
  • Nancy Olmos Head
  • Dr. Rebecca Davis
  • Sojourna Cunningham
  • Tarida Anantachai
Roundtable/Panel hybrid
Leading by Example: A Look at Successful LIS Diversity Initiatives
  • Denise Kane
  • Julie Mason
  • Angela Boyd
  • Gina Macaluso
  • Yamila El-Khayat
  • Maurita Baldock
  • Verónica Reyes-Escudero
  • Amber Mathewson
  • Charlene Maxey-Harris
  • Toni Anaya
Mastering Competencies or Practicing Humility: Contemplating Culture in Libraries
  • David Hurley
  • Sarah Kostelecky
  • Lori Townsend
Individual Presentations
Maybe We’re the Problem: Bias, Blindspots, and the Politics of Experience
  • Steve Whitley
  • Chloe Gurin-Sands
Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Cheryl Beredo
  • Jade Alburo
  • Tessa Dover
  • April Hathcock
  • Mark A. Puente
“Serving Diverse Populations”: A Diversity, Inclusion, and Service Workshop Model for Library Student Assistants
  • Wanda Brown
  • Hubert Womack
Turning Commitment into Action: Creating a Successful Diversity Plan for Your Library
  • Kathryn Kjaer
  • Sheree Baugh
  • Azadeh Vosoughian
We Shall Not Give Up the Fight: Lessons Learned by the ALA Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Melissa Cardenas-Dow
  • Trevor A. Dawes
  • Martin Garnar
  • Alanna Aiko Moore
  • Mark Puente
What We Do Matters: KU Libraries and Social Justice
  • Sofia Leung
  • Mike Broadwell
  • Tami Albin
  • Sean Barker
Why We Stay: The Motivation of Veteran Underrepresented Minority Academic Librarians
  • Antonia P. Olivas, Ed.D.
  • Shannon D. Jones
  • Binh P. Le
  • Oscar Baeza