• Cultural Aspects and Perspectives in Health Sciences Library Services

  • Presenters
    • Patricia Bradley, Native and Distance Services Librarian, Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center, University of New Mexico*
    • Annabelle V Nuñez, Research & Learning Librarian, University of Arizona Health Sciences Library*
    • Monica Rogers, Division Head, Reference and User Support Services, Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center, University of New Mexico
    • Patricia Montiel-Overall, Associate Professor, University of Arizona School of Information
    • Verónica Reyes-Escudero, Associate Librarian/Borderlands Curator, University of Arizona Libraries
  • Description

    Understanding cultural health values and beliefs is an important aspect to integrate when delivering library services to diverse communities. This presentation will feature a discussion on the successful outreach services designed to reach Native nations in New Mexico inspired by the National Library of Medicine’s Exhibit, “Native Voices.” Additionally, an embedded librarian will discuss her approach to incorporate Latino cultural assets as a framework for providing health information to her clients.

  • Format
  • Track
    • Programming, Outreach, and Advocacy
    • Personnel, Management, and Organization