• Discerning Our Diverse Selves: Practitioner Inquiry for Library Praxis

  • Presenters
    • Vanessa Irvin, Assistant Professor, Library and Information Science Program, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa
  • Description

    An important aspect of cultural competence for library service includes a librarian’s consideration for his/her own identity constructs that impact one’s praxis at work. Practitioner Inquiry is a reflective process that can heighten culturally competent professional practices. This session explores ways in which practitioner inquiry opens up critical space where librarians can collaboratively explore critical questions that when reflected upon as group process, can serve as significant contribution to librarians offering culturally competent services.

    Presented with Mastering Competencies or Practicing Humility: Contemplating Culture in Libraries

    Session titled Exploring Identity and Culture in Libraries Using Practitioner Inquiry and Cultural Humility

  • Format
    Individual Presentations
  • Track
    • Personnel, Management, and Organization