• Library Diversification and Transgender Bodies: A Metaspatial Approach

  • Presenters
    • Mary Catherine Lockmiller, Graduate Student, Library and Information Science, San Jose State University
  • Description

    Even though many libraries are struggling to give voice to transgender experiences, the lives of most transgender people remain unassessed and undervalued. As a result, our collections, our outreach, and our facilities (or lack, thereof) all come together to reinforce cultural expectations which delegitimize transgender persons. If we want our libraries to be truly inclusive, we need to reconsider the points of contact between various library spaces and the needs of transgender persons.

    Session titled Assessing Needs and Creating Spaces for Transgender Individuals

    Presented with Say My Name: Transgender Acceptance Across Campus and Where is the Restroom? Creating Inclusive Spaces for Trans Individuals

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    Individual Presentations
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    • Challenging Topics