• Macro Impact of Microaggression: Exploring Microaggressions in Librarianship

  • Presenters
    • Ray Lockman, Faculty Librarian, Normandale Community College, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Hennepin County Libraries
    • Cynthia Mari Orozco, Student Services Librarian, California State University Long Beach
    • Ebony Magnus, Assessment & User Experience Librarian, SAIT Polytechnic
    • Simone Fujita, Liaison Librarian & Outreach Coordinator, Art Center College of Design
  • Description

    Microaggressions are brief, commonplace indignities that continue to affect individuals from marginalized communities. In libraries, they can occur among and between library employees and patrons. In this roundtable session, we will introduce microaggressions and their impact within the library community and discuss microactivism as a proactive response to microaggressions (and macroaggressions), followed by a facilitated discussion and storytelling opportunity among participants, in which we document microaggressions on Post-its to be used for the LIS Microaggressions blog and a special NDLC zine.

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